Gold & Silver Trading

 Established as a coin trading company in 1980, San Antonio Jewelry is well-versed in gold and silver exchange. The owners of San Antonio Jewelry personally evaluate each piece of jewelry for gold and silver trading. 

Buy Gold & Silver

With 40 years of industry knowledge, we are confident in our insight to the world of gold and silver exchange. Due to fluctuations in market indications, we only sell gold and silver coins and bullion in-store. We accept inquiries over the phone, but any value advised is subject to change in correlation to the volatile market.

Sell Gold & Silver

San Antonio Jewelry begins each process with a comprehensive exam and an up-to-the-minute market analysis. This provides a dependable benchmark for an honest market value offer. We are open to purchasing gold, silver, jewelry, precious stones, high-end watches and more.

Exchange Gold & Silver

San Antonio Jewelry accepts worn jewelry to apply toward an in-store purchase or custom design. The value of the trade depends on the market value of the item at the time of the trade.

For questions and Inquiries, please call or text us (210) 493-7789