Jewelry Cleaner
Jewelry Cleaner
Jewelry Cleaner

Jewelry Cleaner

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Product Info: 

Keep your dazzling jewelry dazzling with the San Antonio Jewelry cleaning solution. Brush, and set your jewelry on the tray in the solution, while you wash the dishes, shower, or take a quick nap. Take them out, rinse under warm water, and pat dry - your jewels will look sparkling new! Buff your jewelry after with the San Antonio Jewelry polishing cloth for extra luster. 

Fine Jewelry Cleaner: 

This cleaner is specially formulated to return brilliance to your bridal and diamond jewelry, gold, platinum, rubies and other harder gemstones. 

Silver Jewelry Cleaner: 

This mild tarnish removing formula is ideal for sterling silver jewelry without any set stones or designer antiquing. 

Included with Cleaner: 

  • Jewelry brush
  • Jewelry tray


If you are unsure if a particular cleaning formulation is safe for your jewelry, send us a message and we'll provide guidance.