Preserve your legacy

The founder and owner of San Antonio Jewelry, Jaime Goodwin, is a Gemological Institute of America graduate gemologist with 40 years of industry knowledge. He meticulously completes each appraisal for insurance and estate services, respectively. 

    Appraisals Include

    • A complete description of metal, diamonds, and gemstones
    • A photograph in color
    • The appraised value

    Additional Appraisal Information

    • We recommend appraising items valuing over $1,000 USD
    • We recommend updating each appraisal every five years, unless otherwise directed by your insurance.
    • We promise confidentiality on each appraisal, unless otherwise requested.
    • We accept items delivered by mail to appraise. Please contact us for more information using the information provided at the bottom of this page. 

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