Jewelry Appraisals | Why, When & How

Preserve your family legacy. 
The founder and owner of San Antonio Jewelry, Jaime Goodwin, is a Gemological Institute of America graduate gemologist with 40 years of industry knowledge. He meticulously completes each appraisal for insurance and estate services, respectively.  

Why appraise jewelry:

The value of your jewels can fluctuate over time. Wearing your jewelry will slowly erode precious metals, and random hits to your gemstones can cause them to chip, break, or fall out. Even if your jewelry typically is safeguarded, the environment they are placed in—from dust to volatile temperatures—can alter their appearance. Additionally, in the event your jewelry is lost, stolen, or severely damaged, a professional appraisal is a document your insurance uses to define the full replacement value of an individual piece of jewelry. 

When to appraise jewelry:

Your homeowners' insurance typically doesn't cover the full replacement value of each piece of jewelry you own. That's why it's crucial to verify you have specific coverage for your most prized set of jewels. We recommend appraising items valuing $1,000 and above, and we recommend updating each appraisal every five years. 

How to appraise jewelry:

San Antonio Jewelry accepts items delivered by mail to appraise. Please give us a call or send us a message for additional information. For in-store jewelry appraisals, no appointment is necessary. The typical turnaround time is two days depending on the volume of work, but 1-day jewelry appraisals are available at an additional cost.

For additional information, give us a ring at 210-493-7789, or send us a quick message

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